Conchitas Crafty Corner

Joined in November 2021

Run by Veronica


Based in Chicago, Illinois

Conchita's Crafty Corner creates a home for the innovative creator. Where all of our client's ideas finally have a voice. Coming from a culturally rich, Hispanic family we understand the importance of growing out in many branches yet fall back to the same roots that are deep inside our souls. We add the color in the party when life seems black and white. We understand the importance of making every moment memorablebecause it's the only asset we humans leave with when our lives are finished. Conchita's Crafty Corner takes an extra step further in blending the iconic Hispanic culture along with the American norms with unique, made to order crafts, creating a heart-warming spacefor everyone who felt misunderstood in a bilingual life. This is your home. Estas en tu casa!

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