Soul and Smoke

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Based in Chicago, Illinois

What Sets Soul And Smoke Apart From The Rest?Soul & Smoke specializes in slow roasted, smoked and braised meats. Our meats are cooked for hours resulting in robust and bold flavors that melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. Our comfort food sides including Chef’s Signature Mac & Cheese, Garlic Mashed Potatoes or Buttery Cornbread Muffins are all made from scratch and delivered fresh. The Alter Of BarbecueTucking into a plate piled with barbecue is a messy pleasure. The experience is comforting and complex—not unlike the people sharing in it. At Soul & Smoke, we treat barbecue with the reverence it deserves. We are consumed with the details: the meat-to-bone ratio on our ribs, the creaminess of our mac and cheese, and the combination of spices in Chef Carter’s signature sauce. And as a classically trained chef, he’s primed with the palate and patience to pull those nourishing, heart-warming barbecue flavors from the smoke. We pour our soul into this food, because barbecue is a craft worthy of devotion. It’s the food we want to eat, and the food we love to cook. Let us tend to the comfort food so you can focus on the people sharing it. D’andre Carter: Executive ChefChef D’Andre Carter has earned a national reputation as an elite fine-dining chef, but his true passion, obsession, even! -is barbecue. It all started at his grandma’s house on the South Side of Chicago. There, helping her cook Sunday dinners for family and friends, Chef Carter learned that it’s not just the flavors that make a meal memorable: it’s the people you share it with, too. Good food tastes good and makes you feel good. After graduating from his grandma’s kitchen, Chef Carter went on to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and worked his way up in Chicago’s fine-dining scene. Today, Chef Carter is legendary for his gourmet approach to humble barbecue. His signature sauce mixes St. Louis flavors with his proprietary spice blend. Ever the student of the craft, he’s continually refining his menu and experimenting with smoking techniques. One thing that never changes: Chef Carter’s commitment to creating restaurant-quality dishes that pay respect to barbecue’s joyful, nostalgic, and timeless flavors.

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