Books Bourbon & Bacon

Joined in October 2022

Run by AJ


Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

I started a donation-only bakery (a ‘garage’ bakery) that I ran out of my home, other homes and pop-ups, and with the primary purpose of testing and developing recipes. I wanted as many folks to try what I made and and for them to give me their feedback. I received a ton of support from family and friends to help get equipment to bring that bread to you, and donations helped buy ingredients and (for a time) helped cover my financial contribution to my son. Well…things blew up… I maxed out what I could bake and fry in my studio apartment and the city wasn’t too crazy about me continuing along those lines (despite being donation-based and getting a thumbs up from the state department of health for operating as a home-based vendor), so I created a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to purchase a food truck. Over 400 folks contributed through the Kickstarter or privately, and we hit our goal! The BB&B Bread Truck was born.

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