Zeitlin’s Delicatessen

Joined in August 2021

Run by Sam


Based in Chicago, Illinois

We focus on classic Jewish Deli items while using Chicago as our inspiration. I would like to thank the Chicago food community for helping me follow my dreams and pursue a part of my identity that is near and dear to my heart. Some of my first food memories were in Jewish Delicatessens, so to be expressing myself with this canvas is a huge blessing. ⁠A story about the knish:⁠Knish is a popular Jewish hand pie that traditionally consists of mashed potatoes, buckwheat, or cheese. It was made popular by Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century and sold as street food in New York City. With mustard as a traditional condiment, the knish was a champion of the working-class New Yorker and often sold on beaches to hungry tourists out of a push kart. ⁠

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