Big Mama's Kitchen Catering Chicago

Joined in February 2022

Run by Robin


Based in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Simple and humble beginnings is how we started this journey in 2012.¬†from serving our neighbors and friends to running a full fledged culinary business, we have grown!¬†Now it would be a feat in and of itself if we could say this journey has been easy.¬†Through many long hourswe made it!‚ÄčWe are no over-night sensation.¬†Actually, our story began long before I was born.¬†My Grandmother, Virginia Lott, started this adventure a long time ago.¬†Serving as a cigarette girl for Al Capone, she learned that she had a talent.¬†¬†That talent was cooking.¬†¬†‚ÄčSo¬†Virginia put down her cigarette tray and picked up an apron.¬†She began teaching housewives how to cook in Marshall Field's Department Store in Chicago, IL.‚ÄčHer famous cooking class was featured in the Chicago Daily News on September 24th, 1968.Let's fast forward a little bit to 2016.¬†I met a person that would change my life forever.¬†Who would have known that a little ole taco would have inspired someone to blindly invest in my dreams.¬†Ever since that faithful day, my partner, James Jenkins and I¬†have been steaming right along.¬†Re-creating my grandmother's favorite dishes with a little modern day flair.¬†Then taking the Urban Food Scene and flipping it on its ear...¬†¬†re-branding it Urban Soul Food!

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