Joined in November 2021

Run by Rosy


Based in Chicago, Illinois

Hello I’m Rosy, from Rosy’s Chamoy Rim Paste. We’re a family owned small business.We sell Chamoy Rim Paste for your Drinks and Fruit.As well as Dulces Enchilados. Different Gummy Candy mix with Rosy’s Chamoy.Chamoy has always been a must at all my gathering!It gives a great kick to any Drinks or Fruits.Even though I only have one flavor,I can tell you is just one of kind!The consistency is just right for your Rim on Cups or Cans.Chamoy Sizes:Minis, Keychains, 8oz, 16oz and Squeeze Bottles.Dulces Enchilados: Regular or Sour Worms,Peach Rings, Watermelon Sour Patches, Gushers,Apple Rings, Jolly Rancher Gummy Original or Sour.Follow us on Instagram or Facebook: Rosyschamoyrimpaste

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